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Evolution Has One Year to Hurry Up and Die!

Remember this prediction made by our favorite Disco Dude, William Dembski?

In the next five years, molecular Darwinism—the idea that Darwinian processes can produce complex molecular structures at the subcellular level—will be dead. When that happens, evolutionary biology will experience a crisis of confidence because evolutionary biology hinges on the evolution of the right molecules. I therefore foresee a Taliban-style collapse of Darwinism in the next ten years. Intelligent design will of course profit greatly from this. – “Measure of Design: a Conversation About the Past, Present, and Future of Darwinism and Design.” Touchstone, volume 17, issue 6, pages 60-65, at page 64 (July/August 2004).

Well, I got wind (now, now!) of this in 2006, when on April 2 of that year, Dembski repeated his “prediction” to a Kentucky newspaper. Therefore, I am willing to cut him some slack and not declare his prediction kaput just yet – although, technically, it is. (And really, it always was.)

I kept a countdown on my previous blog, but there is no more laughter to be wrung from this stone; it’s all quite pathetic really, how after the Kitzmiller Trial, that party animal Intelligent Design turned into a doddering old fool looking for his false teeth. But hey – you have one more year, Bill! Surely you can show us a little fire?