Men and Woman are from Earth

Neuroscientist Daphna Joel breaks down the “male and female brain” stereotype to reveal what is really happening – guess what, we are individuals.

As a lifelong tomboy who nevertheless appears “feminine,” yet gets accused online of “really being a man” or engaging in sockpuppetry because “you have a masculine writing style,” I appreciate her message: it’s complicated!

To tell you the truth, as a child I thought of myself as both boy and girl, and as an adult I don’t get why the first question that other people ask about a new baby is what sex it is. Who cares? If gender differences are “natural” they will manifest themselves anyway, without the imprinting of tiresome and destructive stereotypes in young minds. Being that it is hammered into the brain from birth, it makes me wonder if “gender” isn’t more like a religion than a reality.


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