The Latest Kent Hovind Melodrama

There is a new indictment against Kent Hovind and a certain Paul John Hansen.

Kent Hovind, perpetual tax evader, has been dodging his tax obligations while in prison and instead of responding to motions filed to compel him to cough up, he has filed yet another meaningless piece of paper, one of them a pro se affidavit denying that his attorney can act on his behalf, and complaining that having an attorney at all denies him “independence as a free inhabitant” of the United States, which according to Hovind’s twisted Youth Earth cosmology would only be a few seconds old (if that).

In other words, Hovind is using his religious hair shirt to avoid paying taxes/forfeiting land which, of course, he denies he has to pay or forfeit in the first place. All of his meaningless pieces of paper are attempts to clog up the court system so as to delay any sale of Dinosaur Adventure Land while he scratches on the cell wall his countdown of Last Days (heh, heh).

In July, his motion was denied. An Emergency Motion to stay proceedings pending another apparent Writ of Mandamus to be filed by Hovind (oh, goodie!) was denied “as MOOT.” I now have a new favorite term.

So, not unlike the con who organizes a crime syndicate from his prison cell, throwing false paperwork after pseudoscience is what is getting our Hovie in hot water again.

His supporters are wringing hands and wank-wanking all over Facebook, and his son is asking for prayers (“Sorry to be vague”). Do you believe in fairies? Let’s all clap our hands for Tinkerbell!

In the meantime, Dinosaur Adventure Land is still running, or at least limping, along.


4 thoughts on “The Latest Kent Hovind Melodrama

    1. kristine Post author

      Kent Hovind and Ken Ham actually believe nothing. That is why they have no integrity. I think that Eric Hoffer (author of The True Believer) said it best when he said, “The missionary zeal seems rather an expression of some deep misgivings, some pressing feeling of insufficiency at the center. Proselytizing is more a passionate search for something not yet found than a desire to bestow upon the world something we already have. It Is a search for a final and irrefutable demonstration that our absolute truth is indeed the one and only truth. The proselytizing fanatic strengthens his own faith by converting others.” It would also seem that the anti-government, anti-taxation fanatic is locked into constantly committing the same crime in order to justify his behavior to himself.



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